A long walk up the Vallon de la Selle to explore a breathtaking world of glaciers and rocks!
Hiking – Refuge de la Selle
Hiking – Refuge de la Selle (1)
Hiking – Refuge de la Selle (2)

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Inside the Ecrins National Park boundary; no dogs allowed, even on a lead.

Hiking – Refuge de la Selle
Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans - La Bérarde


Description: Hiking - Refuge de la Selle

Starting point: Saint Christophe en Oisans
Height gain: 1 173 m
Total duration: 3 1/2 hours
Distance: 7.3 km

Start from either St Christophe or from the small car park in Les Prés, a hamlet just above St Christophe.
The path climbs up through the Vallon de la Selle, revealing waterfalls and fascinating plant life. The last hour of the walk features magnificent views over the Selle glacier, which can be reached after an additional hour of walking.

The mountain hut is a modern building perched on a rocky promontory, welcoming bother hikers and climbers.

Opening periods

From 15/05 to 31/10.