On saddle though the mountains

The charm and advantages of horse-riding in this area are obvious – getting close to nature and your horse, with no minimum physical level required…

The mountains are open to everyone

Discover the oisans with a donkey or on horseback…

This is a “soft” way of travelling, in harmony with nature and providing access to unspoiled areas for non-walkers or, in the case of donkeys, useful for carrying bags. Horse-riders will revel in the untamed paths and the feeling of unbridled freedom, especially when riding over several days and sleeping in huts…

This is the only means of transport for getting to some more remote parts of the mountains (except your feet, of course!).

Horse riding

Whether you enjoy trekking, paddock lessons, vaulting, pony rides, carriage riding or hiking with a pack horse and whether you are a horse-lover, experienced rider or just a beginner, Oisans offers plenty of four-legged fun.

Walking with a donkey

Always ready for a walk, donkeys can carry everything more or less everywhere. In their company, children have even been known to put one foot in front of the other without complaining! With the donkey’s steady, untiring pace, the lovely smell of hay and dried flowers and its delightful presence, walks without this irreplaceable companion just won’t be the same. What are we waiting for? Quick, let’s get a donkey and set off to explore Oisans!

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On horseback or on a donkey

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