Welcome to Oisans!

This region of the French Alps, straddling the départements of Isère (38), Hautes-Alpes (05) and Savoie (73), is a paradise for lovers of wide, open spaces, thrilling (or more mellow) experiences and outstanding panoramic views.
As regards the weather, Oisans is located on the climate barrier between the northern and southern Alps, thereby enjoying particularly good weather conditions, providing both plenty of snow in the winter and guaranteed sun throughout most of the year.
Food-lovers, hikers and idlers… Explore the villages and resorts of Oisans via its markets, microcosms of local life, or its “unmissable” sites.

Also don’t miss the Oisans Route des Savoir-Faire, a collective of craftsmen and women/artists/producers and museums joined together with a common mission of welcoming visitors and explaining their activity on a personal basis. Enjoy meeting them!

One question before going further: what about getting to Oisans? Nothing could be easier – from Grenoble (1hr), Briançon (1hr) or Gap (2hr), the road is not straight, but there’s only one!

4 skiing areas in Oisans

In Oisans, all skiing is in natural surroundings!

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Not to be missed

Places that forge the identity of Oisans

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Highlights in Oisans

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The Oisans Savoir-Faire Route

Take your pick to create your very own itinerary!

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Human and natural diversity

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Resorts and Villages

Stations, villages perchés ou dans la vallée, à chacun ses atouts

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