split the air in front of the glaciers

Discovering a region from the air is a unique experience and discovering the mountains of Oisans is always an unforgettable moment!

Oisans seen from the sky… majestic, fascinating and awesome are just some of the adjectives that spring to mind. A cascade of criss-crossing peaks, the horizon of a pure sky filled with summits, Oisans is a true feast for the eyes.

Paragliding provides both height and silence, like an eagle, you can twist and turn above the valleys and villages… A plane or helicopter will take you well above the summits, where you can follow the mountain ridges and see the formation of the Alps in a completely new light!


With air and a sail…the myth of Icarus comes to life. Who has never dreamt of flying like a bird? Several schools of paragliding enthusiasts are ready to help you, whether for advice or equipment, a tandem flight, high or mid-mountain flights, beginners or advanced courses or weekends combining horse-riding and paragliding. Enjoy the spectacular Oisans mountain scenery unfolding beneath your eyes!

Planes, helicopters, Micro-lights

All aboard then for a discovery flight, or more if you’re feeling adventurous, in a plane for the beauty, a helicopter for speed or a microlight for thrills. And thrills there will be!