Summer in oisans is all about cycling, hiking and relaxing! What more could you want?

Why change something that works? Everyone looks for quality time with loved ones and relaxation on holiday. And don’t forget the revitalising powers of the pure mountain air. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go to Oisans!

It’s certainly tempting: greenery all around, the warm sun, the fresh air of nature, unspoilt wide-open spaces… You decide how you want to fill your days, the instructors and guides are on-hand, and will organise anything (well almost) you’d like to do, whether you want to stay on dry land, go in the water, the snow, even ice or take to the skies.

Head to the legendary Oisans mountains, the perfect place to unwind and press reset!

The joys of the mountains

The mountains are much more than just an open-air playground, they are a place of adventure. Just like the chamois and the marmot, the mountains also need to be well looked after, so that we don’t leave any trace of our presence there.
So whatever you decide to do this summer, remember that the mountains are counting on you to take good care of them. How can you do that? You’ll find a list of the right behaviour to adopt in the mountains on our website.
Once you’ve read up on all the necessary information, you’ll be ready to choose your summer activities.

What is there to do in oisans in the summer?

Base nautique du lac du Verney - Paddle

The joys of the sea…
… but without the salt and sand!

It’s easy to go sailing, rowing, or paddling on the lakes and rivers of Oisans, even if you’re not particularly the sporty type, because here there are no waves here! The mountain lakes act as mirrors, reflecting the surrounding peaks…

The ideal opportunity to try paddleboading or canoeing. There are 2 leisure complexes, in Verney and Chambon, where you can either hire equipment or take lessons in paddleboarding, pedalo, canoeing, windsurfing or sailing on a small ‘optimist’ boat. And don’t miss the chance to cross through Bourg-d’Oisans on a stand-up paddle board or a canoe, along the Rive river! Gliding along through the bucolic surroundings is an original experience, very enjoyable, calming and almost meditative.

There are other places in Oisans where you can relax on the water’s edge, such as Buissonière lake in Les 2 Alpes, or along the banks of the mountain streams such as the Vénéon, La Romanche or Lignarre, to build rock cairns or have some fun splashing about!

VTT au plateau d'Emparis

It’s time to choose! Bike, MTB, horse, which one will you go for?

Choose how you’d like to explore Oisans. Set off up one of the legendary mountain passes, gripping tightly onto your handlebars, take on the mountain trails standing up on the pedals of your MTB, or trot along at your own pace, on a sturdy mountain Merens horse

As you explore one of the biggest mountain pastures in Europe, you’ll be amazed by the ocean of flowers all around you, the herds of sheep on the move, the peatland and petrifying springs… All of this, at an altitude of 2,000 m facing the glaciers of the Meije Massif. We recommend exploring Emparis Plateau on horseback for a wild experience.

If you fancy going cycling, you’ll find all the information you need on the bike-oisans website. You’ll need to prepare yourselves mentally because everyone knows that when faced with a 1,000 m uphill climb, it’s a question of mind over matter.

It feels incredible floating through the sky!

If you really want to get up close and personal with the ultimate highlight of the destination – the mountains – take off in a two-seater paraglider and glide up over the mountains, to the peaks! Whether you choose a short introductory flight through the Alpine pastures or to take off from the mountains to get as high as possible, you can expect a magical experience either way!

Rafting sur le Vénéon

AND for a thrilling experience…

The white crests of the untamed Vénéon or the ice-cold waters of the fast-flowing Romanche…

If you’d like a complete change of scenery from the peaceful lakes, come and take on the wild mountain whitewater rapids, created by the melting snow. There are various types of boats or rafts to hire on the Vénéon or La Romanche, so you can brave the impressive, powerful waters, either alone or with a group. Choose from a family rafting experience, a kayaking outing as a couple or a canyoning adventure alone to explore the waters in a sporty way! Remember that the waters get calmer over the summer, so the later you come, the calmer they’ll be.

The mountain refuges are welcoming places in the middle of nowhere

Wander along the trails, admiring the flowers all around you, until you reach one of these charming little mountain cabins, the mountain refuges. You might choose to stay at just one of them and let yourself unwind in the Alpine pastures, or maybe you’d prefer to roam from peak to peak… An overnight stay in a refuge is an incredible, enriching experience. Here, you enjoy the simple things in life and just embrace your surroundings.

Experiencing the wonder of nature in hibernation can be very comforting. After a meal, head out for a stroll to help with digestion. Breathe in the refreshing air all around you when the humidity from the ground hangs in the air over the pastures. Admire the stars over your head, which are all the more spectacular when you’re far from any light pollution.

Mountain guides

Randonnée glaciaire accomppagnée par un guide de haute montagne

Choose your captain before setting off into this unspoilt natural environment, he/she will guide you and tell you all about the wilderness around you, its fauna and flora.

The right behaviouR to adopt in the mountains

Panneau d'information du Parc national des Ecrins

Exploring the mountains doesn’t necessarily come naturally for everyone, so make sure you read this information to make sure you understand the mountain environment and adapt your behaviour accordingly. You’ll find information about the following:


Choose your cosy hideaway for the summer, whether you prefer a tent, a chalet, a fully furnished rental or a holiday gite:

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