It may be obvious but this is definitely a “Made in Oisans” experience that is NOT TO BE MISSED. You’ll see, this horse ride on a Mérens horse, a sturdy mountain breed, is a moment of pure magic.

THE magic of new discoveries

Equitation sur le plateau d'Emparis

…when you arrive up on this vast lush-green plateau.
After the ride up from Besse, the plateau stretches out before us all of a sudden and you’ll find yourself at an altitude of 2,000 m, facing the Meije and its glaciers… it’s as if this place was made for horse-riding.

Equitation sur le plateau d'Emparis

THE magic of nature

There are no trees, no bushes, just grass as far as the eye can see, much like a steppe in the midst of the Alps. This wild territory is the chosen habitat for marmots and sheep. It is not only compared to a Siberian steppe for its appearance, even the biotope here is the same as the Tundra.

Equitation sur le plateau d'Emparis

The magic of the lakes

The reflection of the glaciers on the lakes is quite simply hypnotising. Lose yourself in this natural mirror while the horses quench their thirst. The majestic queen that is La Meije, is reflected into the lake, making it twice as impressive as usual.

Refuges sur le plateau d'Emparis

The magic of a meal in a mountain shelter

After all the beautiful views, nothing could be better than a delicious home-cooked meal made with local products on the terrace of a mountain shelter, what do you think?

Equitation sur le plateau d'Emparis

the magic of the horse

And above all, the magic of the horse, of the closeness you’ll feel with this animal after just one day, or one ride… On horseback, you’ll get that special feeling that only the animals themseves hold the key to. Their pace, their smell, the encouraging whisperings from you into their ear… You’ll remember your horse’s name for a long long time.

Equitation sur le plateau d'Emparis

the magic of a passion

That passion that Laurent has for his horses. 25 years’ experience and not one wrinkle appears with his childish grin when he talks about them…


Les Essoulieux horse-riding farm – Mérens FARM

Les Essoulieux – 38520 Bourg-d’Oisans
Tel.: +33 (0)6 87 10 78 41
Email: laurent.hustache@free.fr
Website: http://www.evasionmontagnarde-oisans.com/


The horses spend winter in Bourg d’Oisans and the summer in Besse, what a life…

La ferme des Essoulieux

Le Plateau d’Emparis