Prévost Vanessa – Yoga and Ayurvedic Massage

Yoga courses, workshops & training courses, individual guidance and well-being in Ayurveda. Viniyoga, artistic creation, dance, somatic education techniques, body therapies and a passion for movement all nurture this teaching.

About : Prévost Vanessa – Yoga and Ayurvedic Massage

A yoga teacher for the past ten years following the Viniyoga tradition - ETY certified.
An approach based on technical knowledge, experience and an intuitive approach.
This approach is attentive to the dynamics and energetic atmosphere of people, adapting the teaching or support according to requirements and what emerges in the present moment.
"Curious, sensitive and engaged in a true exploration of the living being, I search, experiment, create and move. This quest takes shape in artistic creation, dance, somatic education, the transmission of Yoga and my presence in the world.
I am now clearly weaving the links between these different fields of exploration and giving a singular colour to my research, my teaching and my collective or individual accompaniment.

The practice of yoga is a postural, respiratory, sensory and energetic exploration. It also opens onto a more subtle and vast space that belongs to the intimate (spirituality, wisdom & philosophy).
Yoga invites us to bring awareness to the different levels of our being. It places us in a different quality of presence which gives a meditative aspect to the postural experience (whether relaxing or dynamic). Gradually, yoga reveals its immense benefits on physical and mental health.
Teaching takes place through weekly group classes, individual guidance to meet specific needs, workshops and courses, meditation circles and working groups around the
philosophy of yoga.
- Group classes
- Individual guidance
- Weekly workshop for people over 75 and people in special life situations who need customised practice.
- 2 hour sessions one Saturday per month
- Meditation circle
- Yoga theory group
- Yoga and Neurodance© workshops and courses throughout the year

An approach that combines the benefits of Yoga and Neurodance© as a revelation and support to creativity, a source of joy and well-being.
Yoga is the starting point for these workshops. It allows us to centre ourselves, anchor ourselves and more subtly feel our body sensations, our breathing, our mental and emotional state.
The experience then unfolds by going back and forth between several forms of expression, such as intuitive dance, drawing, writing and exchanges.
A personal path in a collective experience, where the intention is to plunge into our depths to reveal our movement, energy, creative power and to give it form.
This practice can be integrated into daily life to stay in touch with our own resources and with what is most alive in ourselves.

Minimum age: 12 years

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From 12 years old


All year round.


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