Auris Yoga – Thileke Lesty

Courses offered in the commune of Auris: group courses, individual home coaching, or meditative walking. Well-being, fitness, breathing and relaxation are on the agenda!
Discovery, initiation, or deepening.
"An inner journey".

About : Auris Yoga – Thileke Lesty

Thileke Lesty offers dynamic and static yoga "a little inner journey".
For children, teenagers and adults, Thileke adapts to everyone. It is a moment where we take the time, the attention and the necessary concentration. Thanks to the technique of breathing and postures, calm is established in our "heads and our whole being", so that we feel good during and afterwards, even in our everyday life, up to our work... You will learn to have the right attitude to manage overwork, stress...
Thile's word:
"I can teach you the posture of being" and not having or doing"..."

Thileke Lesty, a teacher certified by the French Federation of Yoga Schools for 14 years, and 37 years of practice:
"I have a great joy to practice with you and to transmit."


Thileke words : " If you wish to join the sessions, do not hesitate, I am always available by mail or phone! "

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  • 2 personne(s) minimum


All year round.


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