Private yoga lessons at home

"Yoga time“ at home.
This 1h30 is proposed by Thileke Lesty.
A moment where we take time, attention and concentration necessary for "An inner journey"... You try for the first time or we progress if you practiced before.
From 4 years old, probably with others.

About : Private yoga lessons at home

Thileke Lesty has been a yoga teacher for 12 years and now gives classes in Ashtanga Yoga.
A range of classes are available in in Auris, including group classes and beginners' classes, but also individual accompaniment for those who prefer. Thileke will come to your home and organise courses, for both children and adults, adapting to everyone. And if the weather allows, classes can also be held outdoors.

For an hour, we will take the time to find our roots. By concentrating on our breathing, always accompanied and carefully guided by Thile, this brings us to a state of interiorization. The class unfolds crescendo. We learn a dynamic movement to reach a static posture. We will do inversions, balances, stretching, lateral flexions, rotations, flexions and supports. Everyone can access these movements in their own way, whether beginners or advanced, for all ages in complete simplicity.
The last quarter of an hour is devoted to meditation.

It is a moment when we can take the time, pay the attention and provide the concentration necessar. Thanks to the breathing and postures, calm fills our "heads" and our whole being. All this means we feel good during and after, in everyday life, until our "Inner journey".

Ashtanga Yoga is composed of "eight limbs", namely the rules of life in relation to others, the rules of life in relation to oneself, posture, breath control, inner listening, concentration, meditation and union.

Minimum age: 4 years

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English - French - Dutch

From 4 years old

90 min



  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Well-being
  • Duration of the session: 90 minutes


All year round, daily.


One price: 50 €.

Means of payment

  • Cheque
  • Cash

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