The Lautaret Workshop – Producer

Véronique and Jérôme FOUVET have been beekeepers for nearly 15 years.

About : The Lautaret Workshop – Producer

Véronique Riche and Jérôme Fouvet keep bees at the Col du Lautaret at an altitude of over 2000m. They have created and developed a number of gourmet honey-based recipes, as well as establishing a range of beauty products, including soaps and moisturisers.

We started beekeeping in 2007 and over the years have created and developed a number of recipes. Our specialities include pure honey gingerbread and energy bars for hikers. We also collect the propalis from the hives to make an alcoholate and a cream. In addition, Veronique has now started making soap from olive oil enhanced with honey, propolis and beeswax. We really enjoy converting what the hive offers us into our own produce.

Products :
- Honey
- Honey pain d’épices
- Nougat
- Honey jams
- Honey vinegar
- Honey cordial
- Honey treats
- Propolis
- Spreads
- Soaps
- Herbal tea

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  • Language of the tour: English, French
  • Unguided individual tours on request
  • Guided individual tours on request
  • Individual tasting (free of charge)
  • Unguided group tours on request
  • Guided group tours on request
  • Group tasting (free of charge)
  • Average duration of the group tour: 60 minutes
  • Average duration of the individual tour: 60 minutes


  • 25 personne(s) maximum


From 06/09/2021 to 18/06/2022, daily between 10 am and 6 pm.

From 19/06 to 28/08/2022, daily between 10 am and 6 pm.


Prices not available. Online shopping also.

Means of payment

  • Bank/credit card
  • Cheque
  • Cash

Location supplement

Access: At the Col du Lautaret, cross left the parking, pass by the restaurant La Ferme then take the four loops that lead to the Alpine Garden, the bee farm is visible from the parking.