A selection of sectors for your outings

No marking, no grooming and no life saving operations in this immaculate white setting… “Safety” is the most important thing when choosing from these sectors, that show the full potential available in Oisans for these activities.

Here is the information you need to organise, prepare for and choose your itinerary. You’ll also find all the detailed information about ski-touring itineraries with the guide books already available, the IGN maps or on websites such as skitour.fr.

Before setting off

for each sector

You’ll need the IGN map:

  • Top 25 IGN Meije – Pelvoux 3436 ET
  • Top 25 IGN Valloire – Aiguilles d’Arves – Col du Galibier 3435 ET
  • Top 25 IGN Le Bourg-d’Oisans – Alpe d’Huez – Grandes Rousses – Sept laux 3335 ET
  • Top 25 IGN Les Deux Alpes – Olan – Muzelle 3336 ET
  • Top 25 IGN Grenoble 3335 OT
  • Top 25 IGN La Mure – Valbonnais 3336 OT

for each itinerary

you’ll find more detailed information in the ski-touring guide books or on skiing websites:

  • The very detailed and informative Volodia Shahshahani skiing guide book is sure to help you organise and choose your skiing outing.
  • Arves-Rousses-Taillefer skiing guide book, Volopresse publications. www.volopress.net
  • Ecrins Nord skiing guide book, Volopresse publications. www.volopress.net
  • Isère ski-touring, Olizane publications. www.olizane.ch
  • skitour.fr: All the information you need to organise, study and find out about your itinerary.
  • camptocamp.org: Less specialised in skiing as the skitour website but there’s still a lot of useful information here!