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Laurence Chapelon-Chain is a mosaic artist based in Rioupéroux. She uses a range of materials (Briare enamel, glass paste and earthenware), assembling them into brightly coloured, figurative compositions. Whether decorative or for practical use, she works on a variety of sup

About : Tout en Mosaïque

“Mosaic is an ancient art that has always fascinated me. I’ve chosen to make it my passion and to use the most modern materials. My work as a mosaic designer involves cutting and glueing ceramics on a range of supports, creating coloured and varied patterns. I also glue onto wood and netting for wall mounting for friezes and designs for kitchens, bathrooms or street numbers, etc.”
Laurence sells ready-made mosaics or can produce customised items to decorate homes, gardens, conservatories or business premises.
She also offers mosaic classes and beginners' workshops.
Products :
Various reasons for façade or street number
Table mats
Friezes (a range of designs for kitchens and bathrooms)
Location :
At theworkshop: all year by appointment.
Bourg d’Oisans: Maison des Savoir-Faire (19 rue de Viennois)
Besse en Oisans: Maison des alpages.

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From 01/01 to 31/12, by appointment.


Small items (candle holders, pot stands, etc.): from €5 to €14
Trays, table mats, etc.: from €28 to €47
Mirrors and miscellaneous objects: from €50 to €90

This service provider also offers

Mosaic workshop for beginners

Mosaic classes