Would you like to develop your creative side? Laurence Chapelon-Chain will help you make your first object from mosaic. Learn to create designs and figures on a coaster or candle-holder using coloured mosaic tiles.
Mosaic workshop for beginners
Mosaic workshop for beginners (1)
Mosaic workshop for beginners (2)

Description: Mosaic workshop for beginners

Laurence Chapelon-Chain is a mosaic artist based in Rioupéroux. She uses a range of materials (Briare enamel, glass paste and earthenware), assembling them into brightly coloured, figurative compositions. Whether decorative or for practical use, she works on a variety of supports.
Laurence organizes this event as part of the “Oisans Route des savoir-faire”. This "Route" brings together all the artisans, artists, producers and cultural sites of Oisans that are willing to open the doors of their workshop, farm or museum to share knowledge with the general public. The “Oisans Route des savoir-faire” opens the door to Oisans mountain culture, the richness of its heritage and the many facets of local expertise. Following the winding roads, you will be able to enjoy varied scenery and meet vibrant local characters. Above all, you are sure to appreciate the quality of their work and a taste of their produce!
Duration: 1 hour and half.


Sales outlets : In Bourg d’Oisans : Maison des Savoir-faire. In Besse en Oisans : The Pasture Museum.

Customers and groups

  1. Groups
  2. Children

Opening periods

All year round, daily.

Duration of the session

90 minutes


One price: 25 €.

Payment Methods

  1. Cheque
  2. Cash


This workshop takes place at the “Maison des Savoir-Faire” of Bourg d’Oisans (rue de Viennois).

Mosaic workshop for beginners