A village and so much more

Vaujany, a village facing the Massif des Grandes Rousses

Vaujany is a wonderful example of a resort-village that combines tradition and modernity. Located on the southern slopes of the Rissiou, opposite the Massif des Grandes Rousses and the Cascade de la Fare, the scenery is quite something! The resort has been able to sustainably develop within the old village since 1989, without having to choose between tourism and its identity. Despite its rich history, old structures, and splendid scenery, the village also has modern leisure facilities.

With the support of Governmental ‘mountain law’, the resort was created within the old village in 1989, avoiding the need for any compromise between tourism and respect for its identity. With its wealth of history, old buildings and landscape, the resort has developed facilities that are perfectly adapted to modern tourism.

Soft mobility in Vaujany

“Oisans Shuttle” + “Eau d’Olle Express” = the perfect combination for getting around Oisans without a car!

Ascenseur valléen - Eau d'Olle express

The Eau d’Olle Express “valley lift”

Reach the Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine Ski in 8 minutes from Allemond thanks to the brand-new cable car, the “Eau d’Olle Express”!

Oisans Shuttle

Every day until the 3rd of September 2023, a free shuttle bus will take you across the Oisans plain to the two valley lifts at Allemond and Venosc.

Activities in Vaujany

Vaujany boasts several leisure facilities in the village, including an ice rink and indoor swimming pool, a bowling alley, spa facilities (sauna, jacuzzi and hammam), a gym, gymnasium, and indoor climbing wall. A full range of mountain activities are available in both summer (such as a Via Ferrata, hiking, mountain biking, tennis and archery) and winter (skiing, sledging, snowshoeing, etc.), with a direct link to the Oz-Vaujany and Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine skiing and mountain biking areas. In terms of culture, the village has 2 museums and a free-access library.

In Vaujany, Let’s explore…

Ski alpin Vaujany

Vaujany Resort at l’Alpe d’Huez grand domaine Ski

Good news, the village is in the foothills of the slopes of the incredible Alpe d’Huez Grande Domaine Ski! There are endless pistes, play areas for (big) kids and magnificent scenery for a real breath of fresh air! There’s the high-altitude ski area: from Vaujany, you can reach the Dôme des Rousses (2800 m) in just two cable car rides! Skiing in Vaujany is all about steep slopes (from 3,300 m to 1,100 m), Nordic walking in the wildlife areas and an unspoilt village, with modern leisure facilities…

Piscine de Vaujany

Sports and Leisure in Vaujany

At the end of a day of skiing, or even better, for a fun and relaxing day out, take a trip to the Pôle Sports Loisirs (sports and leisure centre) in Vaujany. There’s a whole array of activities to check out by clicking on the link below. You’ll find the ice rink, the swimming pool, the relaxation area, a bowling alley, a gym and even a restaurant. What else could you need?

Via Ferrata of La Cascade de la Fare

Via Ferrata – La Fare mountain climbing

Anyone who’s already passed by Vaujany will tell you just how the Cascade de la Fare dominates the land. You’d think this waterfall was made for the village, seeing as it’s just opposite it! There isn’t a balcony that doesn’t turn towards it. This waterfall is one of Mother Nature’s most wonderful gifts to us. So, do you fancy getting up close by following it along the pastoral plateau of Clos Giraud? The Via Ferrata in Vaujany is made up of 2 routes: the sporty one (La Cascade) D+, and the easier one, because two walkways are available (Les Passerelles) AD. Which one will you take?

Tourist Office of Vaujany

Nestled at an altitude of 1250m, Vaujany is located on a vast estate connected to Alpe d'Huez in the heart of Oisans in the Northern Alps.

Opening periods

From 03/12/2023 to 21/04/2024, daily between 8.30 am and 6 pm.