Skiing for everyone

“Off-piste” skiing, “family-friendly” skiing, “Nordic” skiing: 3 areas for 3 types of skiing in 3 different atmospheres…

“The spirit of La Grave” is not a myth. Not really a resort, a bit more than just a village, La Grave is one of those extraordinary destinations that has managed to establish its very own identity. And which, very close to the Col du Lautaret, has developed natural spaces adapted for each mountain sport.

Snowboard hors piste à La Grave - La Meije

An off-piste area

Usually, off-piste skiing is enjoyed outside of the groomed slopes of the ski area… But in La Grave the whole area is a network of off-piste itineraries! One-of-its-kind in Europe, the sector here is completely safe but not groomed… A dream come true for free-riders!!!
Off-piste skiing is quite technical, so here the slopes are for experienced skiers. But with some good solid basic skills and a guide, the doors of the La Meije Glacier Cable Car are open to you!
Find out more on the La Grave website.

Station du Chazelet

Chazelet family resort – 1,740 m

And here is the ultimate charm of La Grave: Chazelet family resort. A different side of the mountain and a different atmosphere: groomed and marked slopes on the south-facing Alpine pastures. Skiing for everyone, without the crowds, but with all that a large resort can offer, despite the small size: Jardin des Neiges kid’s area with instructors, beginner’s area, slopes ranging from green to red, a sledging run, indoor picnic room and… sun-drenched outdoor terraces!
And we haven’t even mentioned the charm of the superb little village of Chazelet…

Ski de fond à Villar d'Arène

Nordic skiing in Villar-d’Arène

Not far from La Grave, the neighbouring village of Villar d’Arène brings a Nordic touch to the range of mountain activities available.
This area stretches out over the upper section of the valley, at the foot of the Col du Lautaret. Here the term “Mother Nature” takes on a whole new meaning: high-mountain atmosphere with a few trees, their branches full of snow, and towering peaks! 10 km of Nordic skiing, a Nordic walking trail, an 11 km snowshoeing trail through small villages, a relaxation area, and the ultimate highlight, a natural ice-rink… and ski-hockey!
Find out more on the La Grave website.


Téléphérique – La Grave – La Meije

Station du Chazelet

Espace nordique