From this small village you will discover a wonderful view on the peaks of the Oisans. Climb a little above the village to admire the summits of the Grandes Rousses, The Meije and the Barre des Ecrins.
Village d’Oulles
Village d’Oulles (1)
Village d’Oulles (2)


Oulles has only been accessible to vehicles via this road cut into the rockface since 1963. Immense effort was required to claw back these 7 kilometres of switchbacks from the mountainside - a miracle to create a path out of this verticality. All this gives you an idea of this incredible road that leads to the little village of Oulles, intact and with unspoilt charm, looming out of the past… Oulles, with its 9 inhabitants, is the smallest village in Isère!


Village d’Oulles