A vestige of the 20th century, Livet-et-Gavet was the place of work for thousands of people in a multitude of hydroelectric power stations, producing electricity for millions French homes...
Village de Livet-et-Gavet
Village de Livet-et-Gavet (1)
Village de Livet-et-Gavet (2)

Description: Village de Livet-et-Gavet

A former industrial hub, with housing, railways, cinemas, schools, doctors and parks, Livet-et-Gavet is a fine example of industrial heritage that still contains a number of buildings from the era. It is easy to imagine the daily lives of employees setting off to work in the power stations...
Since the 1980s, the village has been striving to recreate local drive and a museum has been built to ensure the history of the Romanche Valley is not forgotten. Hydroelectricity is once again flourishing thanks to European funds provided for the "New Romanche" project, whilst electrometallurgy is celebrating its centenary.


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Village de Livet-et-Gavet