Scenic roads : Route de la Confession

Route de la Confession

Route de la Confession ©Route de la Confession

The "Route de la Confession" was the first road to Villard-Reculas and was an exceptional achievement on account of its construction (a challenge for its time), its exposed position between two cliffs, its legend and the breathtaking views it still offers.

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On the road between Huez and Villard-Reculas, clinging to the edge of the cliff, a mysterious sign announces the "Pas de la Confession", because it was indeed better to approach this terrible passage, at such a steep angle, with a clear conscience!
According to the legend of the road, only pure souls could venture along this narrow road, exposed to rock falls (chamois like the slopes above your head) and intimidating if you suffer from vertigo. The villagers therefore claimed to be people of good virtue... An oratory at the start of the road, on the Huez side, was an obligatory stop for confessions before going any further.
But at the time it was above all a real life changer for the villagers since previously only the "Vieille Morte" (hamlet in the Romanche valley) path lead into the valley. This was impassable in winter, so it was then necessary to pass above the village to reach the mountain pastures of Huez (hence the Alpe d'Huez) and the village of Huez, from where an easier path started.
Until 1980 (yes, really!) this was the only road to Villard Reculas. The village was then awarded subsidies to finally build the modern road (linking it to Allemond).

The scenery is beautiful, but take care both in the car and on foot, as the road is narrow and winding, making it difficult to pass oncoming traffic.

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