Freerando from La Grave





3200 m of pure pleasure: the top of this cable car takes you into the heart of the mountains, in a unique, natural landscape that is completely untouched, yet within the reach of most skiers. This high-mountain elevator is simply a gift from the heavens and from mankind.

About : Freerando from La Grave

This departure point is on La Grave ski area :
“Unique” is the best word to sum up La Grave. One cable car and the rest is pure mountain, with the “Queen Meije” and the glaciers providing a playground for experienced skiers. Its slogan says it all - One marked run and the rest is for you to imagine… So it’s difficult to do better than this unique skiing area, where with a
wave of its magic cable car wand, you are whisked up to an altitude of 3200 m and the rest is up to you. Down and back up again, exploring and traversing: it’s all there for you to enjoy!

ROUTES FROM la Gare des Ruillans :

- The Tour du Râteau or Les Enfetchores
This is an iconic, technical and magnificent free rando tour: the first Brèche, or gap, to go through is the Lauze (3512 m), to descend to the second Brèche, the Rateau (3235 m). A grandiose descent down the Vallon des Etançons to join
up with the Brèche de la Meije (3357 m) for a grand finale to La Grave via Les Enfetchores (2989 m).

- Tour de la Meije
The Tour de la Meije is a journey rather than a route. It can be done in 2 days in free-rando (cutting down on the uphill sections…). + 1200 m.
Day 1: Go through the Brèche du Rateau (3235 m) and ski down to the Refuge du Chatelleret (2225 m)
Day 2: Climb up to the Refuge du Promontoire (3092 m) and + 700 m to go through the Brèche de la Meije (3357 m), traverse towards the Refuge de l’Aigle (3450 m) and enjoy the steep run down the Glacier du Tabuchet to La Grave.

- Le Vallon des Étançons
From the top of the Girose ski lift (3560m), you are already high up in the mountains and depending on your level, wishes and the weather forecast, you can tackle the Col de la Girose (3514 m) if you enjoy steep runs or the Col de la Lauze (3512 m), before climbing up to the Brèche du Replat (3335 m) and down to the lovely village of La Bérarde (1720 m) in the Vénéon Valley (extra car required).

Ski mountaineering and touring involves risks and all skiers are responsible for their own safety. Make sure you follow ANENA guidelines:

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