The famous ski resort of Les 2 Alpes was built in 1946 on the former pastureland of Mont de Lans and Venosc. It enjoys an international reputation, largely due to its high-altitude skiing area (the largest glacier skiing area in Europe). Its position on a wide plateau has enabled a 2 km avenue to be created, along which visitors can stroll, ride in a carriage or on a shuttle bus, making it a resort that is easy and pleasant to get around. It is now the young, sporty, festive and freestyle resort par excellence!

Getting to Les 2 Alpes 
1650 m.
30000 Touristic beds
30 of Bourg d’Oisans
Bus service + resort shuttles
an Bisalpin
an Bisalpine
  1. International resort
  2. Summer glacier skiing
  3. Benchmark Alpine MTB domain
  4. Ice cave
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Dynamic, sporty and trendy, Les 2 Alpes is one of the rare destinations in Europe where you can ski in the summer, thanks to its glacier rising to an altitude of 3600 m. In the meantime, the lower part of the domain is turned into a paradise for mountain-biking enthusiasts.
In both summer and winter, the snow park is the benchmark in the world of freestyle.
The resort also offers the host of other activities you would expect from a station of its renown!

History and Heritage

The creation of Les 2 Alpes

This tourist resort was a plateau of pastureland (alpage) before the Second World War, where the inhabitants of Venosc and Mont de Lans – mostly farmers – traditionally used to make hay and graze their flocks and herds during the summer. Hence the name of the resort: the two alpages of Mont de Lans and Venosc.
It was the skiing industry that turned Les 2 Alpes into a village of 2000 inhabitants…
In 1879, Pierre Balme, a native of Venosc, opened the Hôtel Balme (now the Chalet Mounier) to attract a handful of tourists. The summer chalets of the farmers were rapidly turned into inns, hotels and mountain huts.
In 1932, Mme Tessa opened a mountain hut in Les 2 Alpes and became the first person to live there year-round.
In 1935, the Hôtel Mounier hosted a few skiers during Christmas and Easte. Their equipment was brought up by mule!
In 1939, Jules Carrel, a young ski instructor from La Bérarde, had a plan, namely to develop the plateau and create a famous winter sports resort. Ski lifts were built to help this expansion.
In 1955, a number of hotels had opened to welcome tourists.
In 1972, Venosc and Mont de Lans were linked to the ski resort by cable car.


The Maison de la Montagne is an exhibition area dedicated to discovering the wealth of the local mountains, including their natural heritage, wildlife, plant life and geology. The exhibition entitled “Oisans wildlife” provides an entertaining presentation of the most iconic animals. Visitors can admire the numerous stuffed animals and enjoy documentary films, interactive terminals and exhibition boards.
The museum also organises themed outings and lectures on topics such as minerals, the formation of the Alps and mountains seen from the inside.

Office de Tourisme des 2 Alpes

For more information, contact Office de Tourisme des 2 Alpes

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Oppening periods

All year round.