Welcome to the best bike park in the alps!

The trails of Les 2 Alpes Bike Park (or the Mountain Biking area) go from an altitude of 3,200 m to 960 m, so there are 2,300 m of non-stop downhill tracks!
Les 2 Alpes Bike Park has been designed with your enjoyment in mind and is maintained on a daily basis and supervised by a team of 8 shapers and bike patrollers.

each to their own level, each to their own style!

From the fast, high-altitude downhill tracks to the more technical single-tracked enduro-type routes, you definitely won’t have time to be bored here because the Les 2 Alpes Bike Park is a European leader in the world of mountain biking.

2 Alpes Bike Park

The Vallée Blanche beginner’s sector

A sector entirely devoted to beginners where people of all ages can get a taste for Mountain Biking in the mountains and learn the basics. A perfect introduction before experiencing your very first tracks in the Vallée Blanche sector, devoted to discovering this sport.

2 Alpes Bike Park

Diable/Venosc sector: the heart of the Bike Park.

This area of Les 2 Alpes is legendary in the world of mountain biking, with an untouched natural environment and perfectly designed tracks. With a wide range of trails and the ultra-modern chair lift, the Diable sector has trails and modules to suit all levels of ability. Experienced riders and the biggest daredevils will love the stunning Fury competition-level trail and the iconic Venosc trail. All sorts of trails are available for all sorts of mountain biking, including downhill, enduro, cross-country and even electric mountain bikes!

modules to improve your skills and have some fun

You’ll be spoilt for choice, especially thanks to a brand-new beginners area at the bottom of the slopes and a new “video zone” on the Lutins slope. An area dedicated to beginners at the Vallée Blanche with a bike-handling practice area with green tracks and Alpine Mountain Biking discovery workshops. You’ll also find a “pump track”, an “easy to ride” area, 4 bike washing stations and a geo-tracking system for rescue on the 2 ALPES app.


Les 2 Alpes Bike Park

You’ve understood it by now, Mountain Biking in Les 2 Alpes is perfect for the experts looking to make this discipline accessible for budding new riders, to share the pleasures of Mountain Biking in the mountains with the next generation of riders! If you fancy giving it a go, head over to the website’s resort.


Station des 2 Alpes