Sundials of Venosc



One of the oldest painted sundials in the "Dauphinoises" Alps.

About : Sundials of Venosc

Dating from 1669, it bares an inscription stating "sun that doesn't know end" . Its needle disappeared and was replaced in 1998.
The Roman numerals mark the hours with dots.
The number 666 is supposed to represent the flames of hell. This must be seen in the context of the counter-reformation which saw the friars of the Bourg d'Oisans convent attempt to evangelise the Protestants in the Oisans.


3 other sundials are in Venosc:
1 dating from 1910 , showing a blue star five-pointed on the front of a house at the end of the hamlet "Ballatin",
another one became white on one house in the hamlet "Ballatin" not far from the old restaurant and another one modern sundial on the facade of a private house



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