Clavans en Haut Oisans

Clavans en Haut-Oisans

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The village of Clavans (1400m) was called “Saint Didier du pied du bois” and means “the key” in local dialect. This name was given because the village always kept the entrance of the Valette and Quirlies passes, located on the former border with the Savoie department.

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Nestled against a slate ridge, this flowery village, often awarded on the occasion of departmental competition will enchant you with its pretty fountains, squares, its church and its small and charming chapel. The two villages that comprise it (Clavans le Bas and Clavans le Haut) are located 2 kms away from each other, bordering Ferrand. This impetuous torrent, which has also given its name to the valley, has its source in Lake Quirlies on the Sarenne glacier (subject to a beautiful hike in the site) and then passes through the pastures, forming beautiful waterfalls and ends its way into the turquoise waters of the Lac du Chambon.

Its beautiful old houses testify to the prosperity of farmers and peddlers of Oisans.
The long and harsh winters are the reason that some men became hawkers to sell products throughout France (and sometimes abroad!) They sold haberdashery products, small household items and plants from Oisans. You can also admire the old houses, some of which have hosted Huguenot refugees in the earliest times of the French Wars of Religion. Indeed, following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, there are hundreds of Protestants of Oisans who tried to flee to the Savoie region by crossing the Vallette and Prés Nouveaux passes.

The people of Clavans in Haut-Oisans, have maintained their traditions. Discover the craft activities such as “farouilles” (old locks), basketry (homemade wicker baskets…), and taste delicious local honey and local and regional specialties.

In summer, it is possible to escape to the hills by crossing the Col de Sarenne, a wonderful panoramic viewpoint of the Massif de la Meije linked with the Alpe d’Huez ski station by a former pastoral road. The slope of Cerisier, of Clos Chevalleret, without forgetting the traditional walk to the Quirlies Lake are some of the beautiful landscapes that you can discover. Note that Clavans is located on the GR54 Tour de l’Oisans. In winter, the backcountry ski slope of the Grand Sablat glacier can be used, starting from the Pic Blanc (Alpe d’Huez) with the help of a guide.


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