A definite recommendation, the largest mountain biking descent race in the world operates at the highest level: 1400 participants, 20 nations represented, 3 days of training and racing, more than 4000 metres in total of descent in the competition.

Description: Megavalanche

Amateurs and professionals travel on the magnificent alpine mountain biking slopes which only Alpe d'Huez Grand Domaine VTT can offer, particularly as they are served by adapted and efficient mechanical lifts which allow you to take on thousands of metres of descent, all while gliding with pleasure.
On the programme: 4 days of sensations: tests on the Thursday, Qualifications on Friday and the races on Saturday, grand final on Sunday.

Customers and groups

  1. Mountain bikers

Topic (s)

  1. Cycle sports
  2. Mountain biking

Opening periods

From Monday 8 to Sunday 14 July 2019.


Alpe d'Huez