making the most of oisans’ winter wonderland

The muffled winter atmosphere, the snow glistening in the sun, the revitalising mountain air filling your lungs with a feeling of utter calm… Fans of unspoilt nature will find an unlimited playground in Oisans, to enjoy the Alpine landscapes to your heart’s content.

We’ve concocted a varied programme so you can try new activities every day, alternating between excitement and superb views, with time for relaxation and simply spending quality time together.

A week in the snow in Oisans

day 1: Ski-touring

What a way to begin the week! You’re itching to get out on your skis… And you’re in the right place because ski-touring has become a popular discipline over the past few seasons here. But, bear in mind that a guide is essential for this activity because the off-piste snow cover can be unpredictable. Your guide will lead your small group, reassure those with little or no prior experience, answer any questions you may have and challenge those looking to push their limits. It’s also possible to go skiing on the groomed slopes at the ski resorts.

Opt for a guided outing! With the high-mountain guides, your experience will be safer, easier, more interesting, more enjoyable, more practical… you’ll soon see that it’s definitely worth it!

Remember to reserve your equipment at the ski rental shops before the beginning of your activity!

day 2: snowshoeing

Today we’re off on an expedition. No, the children won’t be complaining because hiking with snowshoes on your feet is fun! Family races in ‘big foot’ mode is guaranteed to end up with someone face down in the snow, and don’t forget to bring your disk sleds to whizz down the downhill sections!!! Snowshoeing is an activity that is suitable for the whole family and is great for spending some quality time together. Everyone will feel a sense of calm in this silent, glistening winter wonderland. At the end of the outing, you will appreciate going back to your chalet for a well-deserved hot chocolate.

Explore the mountains in snowshoes. Venture along our marked trails or take part in a guided outing or organised holiday.
You may be free to explore the vast snow-covered meadows before you, but remember to be careful because your holiday could very quickly be ruined by a snowslide.

Make a booking! Make sure you call the snowshoe rental shops to check your equipment will be available on the day. Good to know: some of the guides can provide all the necessary equipment, just ask them.

day 3: Cross-country skiing

It’s time to get back on the skis, just like when you were kids! Many of us feel excited at the prospect of putting cross-country skis on, reminiscing about the last time, when we were around 14 years old, on a school trip! Very quickly, the technique comes back to you, whether you opt for alternative skiing or skating, going at a leisurely pace or the more sporty version, to explore the area or just blow off steam. Once again, there’s something for everyone, and don’t worry, if you lose control, you’re guaranteed to make everyone around you fall about laughing! Don’t forget to charge your phone so you can take plenty of photos.

Come and explore our Nordic ski areas and don’t hesitate to call upon the cross-country skiing instructors who will teach you all the right techniques ;o)

Cross-country ski equipment rental. Besides the cross-country skiing centres in Allemond and Col d’Ornon, there are plenty of shops where you can hire the right equipment, all over Oisans.

day 4: nordic walking

Today is the day to discover a fairly recent activity that will be a hit with fans of ‘well-being’ activities, and who doesn’t like that sort of activity? Nordic walking is suitable for everyone, even though this activity is particularly popular with fitness enthusiasts. This is an all-round activity: it’s a cardio workout, it’s a great way to clear your mind and you can explore the great outdoors at the same time… Take a deep breath, embrace your surroundings and then end your day with a nice hot bath.

How can I go Nordic walking? The mid-mountain guides and ski schools all offer this activity. For those who are already experienced, you can set off alone along the marked trails.

Day 5: sledging

Today is the day for whizzing down the toboggan slopes! You can expect to have some great fun! Sledging is a fully-fledged mountain activity: you can choose from the disk sleds, toboggans, wooden sled or runner sleds. Everyone has their preference but the good news is that whatever your choice, you’re guaranteed to have a great time sledging!

The last questions you’ll be asking yourselves are: Where can we go sledging? and Where can we hire sledges?

Day 6: Yoga

Let’s end the week all together for a calming, relaxing experience. Yoga is a great way to bring people closer together and it really helps you to make that feeling of peace you get on holiday last a while longer. There are plenty of yoga instructors to choose from in Oisans. This is a particularly revitalising destination and bearing in mind that breathing is the focus of yoga, the pure mountain air is just what you need! The professionals can offer personalised yoga sessions, either outdoors to make the most of the mountain air, or at your rental.

A week of skiing at the resort

day 1: skiing, skiing and nothing else!

Skiing up over the peaks. Have you been itching to get on your skis for a while now? If so, what are you waiting for, head for the slopes!

day 2: skijoring or electric Mtb on the snow!

After a day of skiing down the slopes, why not try a different mountain activity? There is a wide range of activities available at the ski resorts, so come and try out skijoring or electric MTB on the snow! On a skijoring experience, you’ll be whizzing across the slopes, with the wind on your face, attached to a harness and pulled along by a horse. Or you could opt for something new, on a MTB equipped with wide, studded tyres.

Day 3: cultural and fun, leisure activities

There are plenty of cultural activities on offer in Oisans, with a dozen museums and the members of the Oisans Savoir-Faire Route. To find out more, come and pay them a visit!
In the afternoon, come and try out some of the fun, leisure activities on offer at the resorts, such as tubing, electric scooters on the snow, or the airbag park. Every winter, the resorts come up with even more original, fun activities to try out! Check out our leisure activities or sledging and fun activities on the snow pages.

Day 4: skiing, skiing and nothing else!

Today is the day for the ultimate skiing experience. The ski areas of Oisans are vast and the slopes begin from the top of the peaks, which means you’re guaranteed top-quality snow and steep slopes! You would need an entire week of skiing to cover all the slopes.

day 5: all sorts of sledging and a spot of relaxation

This morning it’s time for your whole group to go sledging! And this great winter classic comes in all sorts of variations: wide toboggan runs, some steeper than others, or runs with thrilling bends, hurtling over jumps, waves and other obstacles on a runner toboggan, throwing caution to the wind!
After all that excitement, it’s time for some pampering. A moment of wellness before you go home, means that you’ll keep that relaxed holiday feeling a while longer. The Alpine atmosphere… The view of the peaks… Take a deep breath and make the most of this wonderful experience.

day 6: paragliding and skiing

There’s a sense of excitement in the air this morning… A combination of excitement and apprehension before taking to the skies! The most daring among you will be able to experience the thrills of a paragliding experience! Taking off with your skis on your feet, you won’t even need to run, just let yourself glide over the peaks, at an altitude of 2,000 m!
You may be ending your stay skiing for the last time down the slopes, but you won’t forget the wonderful feeling of paragliding over the peaks in a hurry…

Are you itching to get out into the snow? Choose a resort from the ski areas of Oisans!


Have you decided on Oisans for your winter holiday in the snow? Now it’s time to choose your accommodation. We bet you can already picture yourself there with a delicious mug of hot chocolate in your hand!

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