Marie-Claude GALLARD, also known as Marieke, is a sculptor based in Villard Notre Dame. Having been a painter for 30 years, she now produces work that reflects a geo-poetical approach to Oisans. Her sculptures are totem-like constructions that combine a variety of materials.
Terra Rêve – Sculptor
Terra Rêve – Sculptor (1)
Terra Rêve – Sculptor (2)
Terra Rêve – Sculptor (3)
Terra Rêve – Sculptor (4)
Terra Rêve – Sculptor (5)

Description: Terra Rêve - Sculptor

Since settling in Villard Notre Dame, she has also been working on a series of “high-reliefs” and “bogeymen” inspired by legendary tales of Oisans.
She likes to work with clay, wood, stone, bone and plaster.

Where does my passion for sculpture come from?
“Sculpture is the oldest language of mankind. It is a three-dimensional presence and a more direct path then painting, which has been my passion for over 30 years. Sculpture is a continuation of my childhood preoccupations and happiness. Mine was a solitary childhood, spent in the pastureland, rockfalls and forests of Oisans.
My decision to settle in Villard Notre Dame – a village that has fascinated me since I was a child – is above all an artistic one. It is the desire to live in a place that suits me, a refuge and immersion as close as possible to the mountains, rocks and unspoiled nature."

What are my sources of inspiration?
“Sources of inspiration, sources of the world, sources of life… Each natural form is given life by the matter it once was (subjected to seasons and centuries, together with the obstacles encountered, such as water and wind) to become what it is – enigmatic and the stuff of dreams. It is my catalyst when I'm in my workshop.
Sculptures are totemic constructions principally made from matter gathered as locally as possible. I let myself be guided by this matter which was once alive and is full of memory. It decides its own future. It is an alchemy between its presence and what it evokes. It shows the hidden soul of wood, bone or stone. It evokes and invokes protective presences. The totemic structures are accompanied by "fayets", the imaginary characters or bogeyman of Oisans, and "reliefs", a reminder of the stones and messengers of time. Other reliefs and sculptures are transcriptions of the legendary tales of Oisans.”

- Sculpture in clay, wood, stone, bone, plaster… and bas-reliefs

- at the workshop.

Opening periods

All year by appointment.


From €150.


Access: leave your car on the village square and follow the path to the left of the “mairie” and walk round the third house on the left. The workshop is signposted

Terra Rêve – Sculptor