Sense of Wood workshop

In her workshop in Venosc, Elisabeth proposes a moment of meditation and movement, followed by the sculpture of objects from fresh-cut wood. This is a sensorial, peaceful and active invitation in the heart of nature.

About : Sense of Wood workshop

Elisabeth invites you to pause for a moment of silent reflection. A chance to attune yourself to your body's movements before moving on to discover the ancient and meditative art of spoon-making.
You will learn how to safely use a variety of blades and knives and discover the pleasure of carving into soft green wood. You will learn to connect your consciousness with presence and action in a way that can be easily transferred into your everyday life. You will take home with you the object you have crafted with your own hands to remind you of this quiet, positive and productive moment in time.
Workshops are available as either half-day themed discovery sessions or 1-3 day workshops for various experience levels.
Instruction in English or French.
A 30 year old dream :
Elisabeth discovered her passion for woodworking at the age of 14. She went on to study craftsmanship in wood at one of England's top schools before setting up her own workshop in Normandy.
Seven years later, despite her growing reputation, several prestigious commissions and numerous satisfied clients, Elisabeth decided she had had enough of the tough and solitary life of the craftswoman. That's when, at 34, she discovered the innovative healing, meditation and teaching methods of Dr Danis Bois and his team, and decided to invest in this as a second profession.
For many years, Elisabeth was torn between the noisy activity of production and the silent art of meditation, only dreaming that one day she might somehow find a way to bring her two passions together.
It was while translating a book on the craft of whittling (green woodworking) that Elisabeth suddenly saw how she might turn her dream into reality: she pictured a silent, meditative workshop stocked with simple tools, no machinery, and basic raw materials that would be easy to find while bringing her closer to nature.
Serendipity would bring Elisabeth shortly after to the French Alps where, in 2019, she opened the SENSE of WOOD workshop in a former instrument maker's shop in the heart of the village of Venosc. Here, at last, she is able to unite and share her talents and passion for both meditation and whittling.

- Educational services combining medication, corporal perception and spoon making
- Small-scale production of wooden objects and hand-sculpted spoons
- Coaching in perceptual psychoeducation
- Creation of artistic doors ("sacred doors, secret gardens")
- Her workshop
Member of the Oisans Route des Savoir-Faire

Minimum age: 14 years

En bref

German - English - French

From 14 years old


  • Online shop


  • 7 personne(s) maximum
  • 2 personne(s) minimum


From 15/06 to 07/09, every Tuesday between 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm.

From 15/12 to 02/05, daily between 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm.


Means of payment

  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Paypal

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