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What is an emergency?
When you are in extreme difficulty in a mountain environment, your life or that of others is at risk and you can do nothing to remedy this.

About : Helicopter Mountain Recue

When to call the PHHM?
Situations that justify the call for help:
- An accident (cracks, fractures, open wounds, severe trauma ...)
- Stopped after a fall or a change in terrain (rocky ridge, steep ...)
- Lost and struggling, time or conditions preventing you from moving forward
- Overwhelmed by the weather or the mountain (stuck in bad weather, technical difficulties too important objectives such as avalanches risks, for example)

- First of all: do not panic, stay calm and analyze the situation. Do not take unnecessary risks if the victim is not easily accessible.

* The first steps :
Protect the victim from the cold and risk of an accident .
Make a brief summary of the status of the victim and the situation.
Practicing CPR and first aid .

* The warning message should be clear , concise and include:
location ( altitude to facilitate location ) the number of victims and the nature of the injury, your name and mobile phone number .

* What to say on the phone :
Specify the location of the accident. Where it happened ? At what point ( card details ) On a rock wall, on a trail in the forest, a lake view, near a peak, etc...

* The site is it readily accessible? The weather at the place of the accident? The identity of the injured person
Is it a woman, a man, a child? Are they several injured people ?

* Its physical condition :
Is the person responding? bleeding? having pain? breathing?

* If you are there to help arrives, report your presence visible with arms in Y.

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