Electric vehicle charging station



Electric vehicle charging station

About : Electric vehicle charging station

At the Oz 3300 station, you'll find 5 plugs for recharging your vehicle: 1 plug on the floor of the Roubier covered car park and 4 plugs outside in the Olmet car park.

To use :
1: Plug your vehicle into the Sparklin plug
2: Register by scanning the QR Code on the plug
3: Download the Sparklin app
4: Enter your credit card details
5: Fill up !


No need to stay by the plug !
You can go through step 2 to 5 remotely from your phone.

En bref



All year round.


0.40euros/ charging unit
The cost of charging your vehicle will be equal to the 30cts charge fee + your power demand during charging at the chargepoint.
(The charge unit is 40cts and corresponds to the kilowatt-hour and the right to park).

Means of payment

  • Online payment

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