Venosc is primarily known and appreciated for its traditional charm and craft shops, with visitors being attracted by the authentic, rustic village setting. The maze of paved, pedestrian lanes are characteristic of these old mountain villages.
It is easy to forget that Venosc is also part of the international resort of Les 2 Alpes, located higher up on the old pastureland of Vensoc and Mont-de-Lans.


Venosc offers a full range of activities. There is much to do in the resort of Les 2 Alpes, in particular the renowned mountain biking descent to Venosc, which can be rapidly reached via the cable car.

Other activities can be enjoyed on the banks of the Vénéon River and the gateway to the Ecrins National Park, including rafting on the turquoise Vénéon waters, riding donkeys along its riverbanks and, of course, hiking in the Park.

In the winter, the ski resort is just a cable car ride away, whilst skijoering and donkey-pulled sledge rides are available near the village.


This vibrant, sporty and fashionable international ski resort is among the biggest and most famous in the world in winter and in summer !

4 place des 2 Alpes Maison des 2 Alpes BP 7
38860 Les Deux Alpes

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Opening periods

From 20/06 to 29/08, daily.

From 28/11 to 24/04, daily between 8.30 am and 6.30 pm.