Authentic and artisanal charm

Venosc is principally known and appreciated for its traditional charm and craft shops, with visitors being attracted by the authentic, rustic village setting. The maze of paved, pedestrian lanes are characteristic of these old mountain villages.

It’s easy to forget that Venosc is also part of the international resort of Les 2 Alpes, located above the former pastures of Vensoc and Mont-de-Lans!


If you’re looking for mountain sports and activities, there will be something for you in Venosc, thanks to the resort’s facilities. The world-renowned Bike Park des 2 Alpes, stretches all the way to Venosc, with a famous mountain biking trail that is easily accessible via gondola lift.

Rafting on the turquoise waters of the Vénéon, donkey rides on the banks and, of course, hiking, is all just a stone’s throw away in Écrins National Park. In winter, the resort is just a gondola lift ride away. Skijoring and donkey-sledging are also available near the village.

Soft mobility in Venosc

“Oisans Shuttle” + “télécabine de Venosc” = the perfect combination for getting around Oisans without a car!

Oisans Shuttle

Every day until the 3rd of September 2023, a free shuttle bus will take you across the Oisans plain to the two valley lifts at Allemond and Venosc.

In Venosc, let’s explore…

Poteries artisanales

Charming artisanal shops

Venosc is a haunt for artists and artisans in Oisans. Venosc has for a long time seen its winding cobblestoned alleys blossom with charming boutiques and workshops in old barns. You just need to wander around Venosc to understand how the authentic rustic ambiance, ancient mountain farms and magical landscape of the Écrins have come to seduce artisans. Inspiration flows through the streets of Venosc, so let yourself be taken in, and visit French savoir-faire in Venosc.

VTT sur la piste de Venosc

Skiing and mountain biking

Venosc is quite the dark horse! This small, charming Alpine village, tucked away in the Vallée du Vénéon (1000 m) is an important part of the international ski resort of Les 2 Alpes (1650 m). The gondola lift connects the two parts of the same municipality. When you holiday in Venosc, you can take advantage of all the leisure and sporting activities available at Les 2 Alpes. In just eight minutes, you can be at the bottom of the ski slopes in winter, and mountain biking trails in summer. The famous Venosc drop is a must for downhill biking. As for climbing, in summer, you can follow the trail below the gondola lift or, even better, under the cliff side Via Ferrata des Perrons.

Rafting sur le Vénéon à Venosc

Le Vénéon, an icy torrent

Le Vénéon is a mountain stream where its namesake glaciers flow. These glaciers feed water and sediments into the mountain streams that sweep along icy blue, bubbling water. At the foot of Venosc, take the opportunity to soak up Le Vénéon’s atmosphere, because luckily, the almost flat banks run alongside the stream, be it via a trail, or the greenway which ends here from Allemond. It’s the perfect area for a walk, for cycling or fishing. But that’s not all! For even more fun, put on your life-vest and jump in the water for whitewater activities like rafting, riverboarding or even hot dog kayaking.


This vibrant, sporty and fashionable international ski resort is among the biggest and most famous in the world in winter and in summer !

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