a fun and refreshing aquatic descent

Do you fancy trying a descent down a mountain torrent? That’s what canyoning is all about and it’s right here in Oz, in the only canyon with authorised access in Oisans.

The descent down Oz-en-Oisans canyon is great fun, and you won’t need any rope or abseiling, however you will need some briefing and the right equipment.

10 minutes from Bourg-d’Oisans, in Eau d’Olle valley, Oz canyon is a series of basins, little jumps and slides. A fun and refreshing experience for people of all ages.


For an adventure to be an unforgettable one, it must be a safe one. So to share this experience with family or friends, why not choose to go with a guide and leave with some great memories!

The guides will take care of the organisation and safety measures. They will also make sure your experience is full of new discoveries, pleasure and a great atmosphere. Every week, they offer several canyoning sessions.

After a short briefing about the activity and what to expect, the guides will equip you with their equipment: neoprene wetsuit and slippers, harness and helmet. All you’ll have to bring is your swimsuit, a towel and a pair of trainers (to get wet).

Are you alone?

Contact the guides and ask to join a group. Other itineraries are available upon request.
Please note: activity suitable from 10 years old, no experience necessary.