All eyes on the peaks

At the end of a narrow, steep road, very typical of the roads of Oisans, nestled in the Taillefer mountains, the village of Oulles stands facing the peaks of Oisans. The panoramic view from just above the village is breath-taking!

The smallest village in Isère is a refreshing and peaceful place, just a stone’s throw from the big international resorts, and making Oisans a land of great diversity.

Leisure activities

In Oulles you’ll find all the main mountain activities. Cycling with the 7 km of challenging hairpin bends for a rather pleasant climb nonetheless across this wooded mountainside that is sheltered from the wind. A family-friendly hiking trail to Ornon, a more challenging but accessible trail to Taillefer refuge, as well as Le Grand Galbert, Poursollet lake, Taillefer, Taillefer plateau and the lakes, and much more. Explore the same places in winter but on a showshoeing hike or ski-touring. Finally, a MTB trail departs from the village and along the Malaine trail, suitable only for experienced riders with 84 hairpin bends and 680 m difference in altitude!

VTT dans la descente de Malaine

Malaine Downhill mtb trail

This is a sporty descent for hardened mountain bikers! It is classified as a ‘red’ trail and so is not suitable for beginners. It is typical of the type of MTB trails Oisans has to offer with 84 hairpin bends, and 700 m difference in altitude over 2.5 km! This is one of the greatest downhill MTB trails in Oisans. One hairpin bend is very quickly followed by another, through a dense forest of beech trees.

Le refuge du Taillefer

Taillefer refuge

At an altitude of 2,056 metres, the refuge is facing the impressive Taillefer mountain to the south, and the Ecrins Massif to the east. In the summer, 1,000 sheep and around thirty horses graze peacefully on the vast pastures surrounding the refuge. The refuge was built in the 80s and includes a dormitory with 14 beds, as well as a large conical tent that can accommodate 15 people and a yurt that is used for meals and festivities. Taillefer plateau and the lakes, a Natura 2000 classified site, is nearby and this wetland dotted with lakes and peat bogs is a fragile, magical place that must be respected. An overnight stay facing the peaks of Oisans with a delicious meal made using local, organic products served in a warm and inviting yurt… what more could you ask for? It takes 2.5 hours to get here from Oulles, with a difference in altitude of 656 m.

Sentier historique d'Oulles

Oulles historic trail

This ancient trail in Oulles was completely refurbished thanks to a large-scale community initiative. In just 6 weeks, thanks to the support and hard work from the locals of the village and the association ‘Oulles en vie’, this initiative brought the historic trail of Oulles back to life. This trail was once used by the villagers to reach the village. Departing from the Pont de la Paute, you can follow in the footsteps of the locals from back then (known as ‘drouillets’) in 2 hours and with a difference in altitude of 680 m.

Tourist office of Le Bourg-d'Oisans

Located in the heart of the village, the Office welcomes all year round an international clientele. It has free WIFI 24/24 hours

Quai Girard
38520 Le Bourg-d'Oisans

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