From here you can take on 2 vertical kilometres… and a stage of the famous UT4M

Livet-et-Gavet has lots of surprises up its sleeve. This town is the ultimate trail-running destination, thanks to the vertical slopes of the Belledonne and Taillefer mountains.

A deep mountainous valley is impressive, and let’s be honest, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming too… But that is definitely not the case for avid trail-runners, who are always thrilled to run here.

And we can see why, thanks to the 2 vertical kilometres, a favourite challenge for trail-runners that really gets the calf muscles burning. This also made the area an obvious choice for a stage of the famous Ut4M, Grenoble’s long distance trail-running event.

vertical kilometre


The vertical kilometre for a trail-runner is like a mountain pass for a cyclist: the ultimate, unmissable physical challenge.

From Rioupéroux there isn’t just one, but two vertical kilometres on either side of the mountain.

On the Belledonne side

From Rioupéroux to the Croix de Chamrousse

Trail-runners will set off from Rioupéroux along a trail just over 11 km long, to the Croix de Chamrousse peak. Around 1,765 m of pure and utter joy!
After the first uphill section, you’ll be running through the woodland until you reach Arselle plateau, close to Chamrousse Olympic area. Then you’ll be running up another steep section and across landscapes with a very southern feel, to Achard Lake, before reaching the Croix de Chamrousse (2,250 m).

on the Taillefer side

From Rioupéroux to the plateau at the Taillefer lakes

The climb up to Fourchu lake and the other smaller lakes is a challenging one, with a positive incline of 1,510 m.
From the Musée de La Romanche the path goes up through the woodland to the hamlet of Les Clots. Then you’ll pass by the Queue de Chien cabin (1,515 m), before reaching the Chalets de la Barrière (1,850 m). From there, the trail continues to the Pas de l’Envious via La Valette.
Take the time to enjoy the special atmosphere at this plateau, classified a Natura 2000 site. This rich, humid environment will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a steppe.

The Ultra Tour des 4 massifs

The Ut4M is not an event to be taken lightly! It is one of the most well-known Ultra Trail events of the Alps, renowned for its spectacular itineraries across the 4 mountain chains around Grenoble: the Vercors, Chartreuse, Taillefer and Belledonne. 160 km of pure beauty!


Livet-et-Gavet is the unmissable passage between the Taillefer and Belledonne mountains, with a vertical kilometre on each side!

The less extreme version of the Ut4M 160 km is the Ut4M 40. There are 4 of these races, one for each mountain range.
Rioupéroux is the arrival point for the Ut4M 40 Oisans: 47.1 km and 3,375 m positive incline from the departure point in Vif. It is also the departure point for the Ut4M 40 Belledonne: 41.6 km and 2,550 m positive incline up to Grésivaudan valley.

However you plan on getting through your chosen race, if you have trained correctly beforehand, this experience will leave you with a sparkle in your eyes and a burning sensation in your calf muscles.