Le Freney – the gateway to mtb trails

Oisans is the ultimate playground for mountain biking. There are tracks, forests, trails, rocks and even snow here… The only thing missing is sand!

In Le Freney, you’ll have direct access to the number one itinerary on the specialised mountain biking website, Bike-oisans.com: Les 2 Alpes to Freney d’Oisans via a forest path. But that is not all, you’ll also be at the crossroads of 3 of Oisans’ biggest MTB areas: Les 2 Alpes, L’Alpe d’Huez and La Grave.

First, you’ll have to get to the departure point, but the good thing about Oisans is that even if you have to take your car, it’s always a pleasure to explore the area, and from every road, you’ll discover yet another beautiful natural place.
Go to a new place every day and explore our valleys!

MTB at Alpe d’Huez

Before heading up to the resort, we have two great MTB areas for you to try out.
From the resort of Auris, you can set off along the Tour du Signal de l’Homme first of all via the Col de Maronne and the Col de Cluy. Or if you’re looking for something more challenging, the balcony trails of Auris are technical and truly magnificent!
Take your MTB to Ferrand valley via Chambon lake and you’ll be able to admire Emparis Plateau. From Besse, there’s a leisurely climb along a track and then a fun descent on the GR 54 trail.
Otherwise you could drive up to Alpe d’Huez and the Grand Domaine MTB, via the Route de Sarenne, and Clavans.

Les 2 Alpes bike park

Another legend in the world of MTB is the Bike Park in Les 2 Alpes. There’s so much to say about this place that we’re going to keep it simple: click here!
We’ll give you some top tips before you go. The Transisère bus 3030 will take you and your bikes from Le Freney and drop you off at the resort Les 2 Alpes. After a great day of fun at the bike park, make sure you’ve got a copy of the guide ‘MTB in Oisans’. In this guide book you’ll find the map for your itinerary back down: From Les 2 Alpes to Le Freney. After taking a winding path to Mont-de-Lans, you’ll be riding through the forest.

Mtb in the land of the Meije

And then there were three! La Grave is most definitely reserved for experienced mountain bikers. It is just as wild as the skiing version in winter, but this time the trail is marked out. Phew!
If you’re looking for something less technical, we’ve got that too at the MTB-FFC area in La Grave and Villar d’Arène. On the south side, 310 km of trails have been marked out for ‘all mountain’ explorations. For example, you can try the Aiguillon from Villar d’Arène, a red trail with some fantastic views!
From Le Chazelet you can reach Emparis plateau on the other side. It is quite a steep trail but without technical difficulty.
Or, for a great day out with a difference in altitude of 1,100 m, you could take on the Grand Tour du Canton in La Grave.


Le Freney d’Oisans

Alpe d’Huez

Les 2 Alpes

La Grave – La Meije