Mountaineering is the ultimate high-mountain experience

The mountains are just as fascinating as they are impressive…
Just as beautiful as they are hostile…
The combination of desire and fear that the mountain stirs up is much like the qualities needed in a good mountaineer: admiring but careful, respectful of nature, but also of himself.

In La Grave, mountaineering is just like a wine in the Bordeaux region, it’s the real deal. Here, it’s our specialist subject and we like to share it. Beginners have also got their own part of the glacier to explore. The more experienced will be able to go further with a guide, equipment and a picnic. And as for the experts… you can do as you please, but if you don’t know the area very well, we recommend you go with a guide.

Randonnée Glaciaire - La Meije

For beginners…

Beginners in mountaineering, the La Meije Glacier Cable Car will take you to the foot of the glacier, at 3,200 m. Then you’ve got a 2-minute walk before putting on your spikes and setting off for an experience that is quite easy, but very exciting nonetheless: it’s exciting walking on water… that has iced over. Of course, you won’t be alone, you will be needing a guide, all the right equipment and an expert eye. So contact the mountain guide office of La Grave.


and for more experienced mountaineers

So come on, there’s excitement up ahead, pick up your ice pick and get your mountaineering gear ready! You’ll see, if you feel at ease in the mountains, without any particular experience, just a dose of courage, you’re in for an extraordinary experience. There is nothing ordinary about a hike across a glacier, here you’ll be in direct contact with the high mountains… You might be in for a few surprises!
The guide’s office? It’s this way


La gare des téléphériques de la Meije

Le bureau des guide de La Grave