Un Ecrin de Miel – beekeeper

Beekeeper Gilles Roche is originally from Oisans. He chose to settle in Le Freney d’Oisans in order to produce mountain honey and other bee products.

About : Un Ecrin de Miel – beekeeper

I am from Oisans and was given my first beehive when I was eight years old. Having lived in other parts of France and abroad for my studies, I have decided to settle in my region of origin to work and live my passion. I will explain to you why I chose this craft and why these are such fascinating insects. Come and learn more about their work and natural products!

Mountain honey and other honeys produced locally

Honey workshop is open every Friday from 2pm to 7pm, from 14/07 to 19/08.
Allemond : Spar.
Alpe d'Huez : la Fromagerie
Auris en Oisans : 8 à 8 .
Besse en Oisans : la Tourte de Besse, Maison des Alpages.
Bourg d’Oisans : Carrefour Express, Ecrin Bio, Boulangerie Salazard, Gamm Vert, Maison des Savoir-Faire.
Clavans-le-Bas : Auberge du Savel.
Grenoble : Halles St Claire, Articol, la Bonne Pioche.
Les 2 Alpes : Boulangeries Le Paneton et le Moulin des Alpes, le Coin des Saveurs
Le Freney d’Oisans : Station essence Avia, Auberge du Freney
Ornon : La Bergerie de la Lignarre.
Oz en Oisans : Le chalet d’Oz, Sherpa
St Christophe en Oisans : la Cordée
Vaujany : La Mie Dorée
Meylan : Paquet Jardin
Varces : Gamm Vert
Péage de Vizille : le Panier des Alpes

MARKET STALLS: saturday mornings at Bourg d’Oisans

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  • Language of the tour: French
  • Guided individual tours on request
  • Individual tasting (free of charge)
  • Guided group tours on request
  • Group tasting (free of charge)


  • 15 personne(s) maximum


From 13/07 to 17/08, every Friday between 9 am and 6 pm.


Fir Honey
270g : 5,50€ - 500g : 9,00€ - Kg : 17,00€

Mountain Honey
270g : 5,00€ - 500g : 8,50€ - Kg : 16,00€

Forest Honey
270g : 5,00€ - 500g : 8,00€ - Kg : 15,00€

Multi-flower honey
270g : 4,50€ - 500g : 7,50€ - Kg : 14,00€

Flower pollen
120g : 6,00€ - 220g : 10,00€

Lavander Honey
270g : 5€ - 500g : 8,50€ - Kg : 16,00€

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Bee safari

Location supplement

Access: When driving towards Briançon, 300m after the Avia service station, turn right on the car park. Go through the gate. The workshop is two bends below.