Snowshoe trail: crossing from Alpette to Lac Besson



This walk has been designed to take advantage of our beautiful environment.

About : Snowshoe trail: crossing from Alpette to Lac Besson

Welcome to 2000m. You are at the Alpette, a name referring to the alpine pastures, because in the past all these meadows were populated by herds during the summer. This is still the case on the side of Montfrais where you will also find a signposted path.

The footpath runs parallel to the cross-country ski trails, so please walk only on the purple/mauve marked route and not the red one, as you gradually leave the ski lifts behind to discover a white area. Below you on your right is the snow-covered and partly frozen Lac du Carrelet. On your left, at the very top of the mountain, perched in the Grandes Rousses massif, is the arrival of the cable car. Another hike awaits you at the top!

Although vegetation is rare at these altitudes, it does exist. Coniferous trees such as firs or spruces have a hard time growing because of the snow, the cold and the wind, but some fighters manage to do so. Look for them! They will appear here and there between the layers of snow. Life is also present at these altitudes. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see traces of chamois, hare, or even ptarmigan (the snow partridge). The high altitude lakes are also home to fish fauna. Finally, there is a sleeping fauna, the one you all know as the mascot of the mountains... The marmot is very present at these altitudes and in these expanses, it is hibernating under your feet at this very moment!

Minimum age: 5 years

Welcome: All rubbish must be brought back by the hikers. This rule applies along the trail. The forest environment must be preserved, avoid cutting branches or mutilating them.

- Make sure that snow does not get into your shoes by using gaiters.
-While snowshoeing:
- Remember to release the heel of the snowshoe! For your information, the back of the foot is sometimes tied up when going downhill when there is a lot of snow.
- Go with poles, essential for balance.
- Don't hesitate to tap your snowshoe with the pole from time to time, it allows to remove some of the snow and thus to lighten your step.
- Foggy glasses are usually a good indicator of too much body heat or too rapid a change in body heat. If this happens, you can reduce your speed, the number of layers of clothing or simply ventilate by allowing cool air to enter under your windbreaker.

Guidebook with maps/step-by-step

From Vaujany, buy a pedestrian ticket at the lift ticket office. Take the cable car up to its stop at the Alpette. You get off at the arrival station of the cable car, and on the other side of the slope, in front of you, starts the pedestrian path. The start of the trail is in front of the high altitude restaurant called l'Alpette. The path is marked with purple markers.

En bref

1 h 20

J+ : 85 m

3 km

Level bue - Medium

Map and GPX marking

Snowshoe trail: crossing from Alpette to Lac Besson

Getting There


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From 11/12 to 23/04 between 9 am and 4 pm.

Subject to favorable weather.


Free of charge.