Plan Vianney lake and the Périer gap





Of lesser dimensions and reputation than the Lauvitel, the Plan Vianney lake is however worth the detour, as is the panorama over the Valbonnais Oisans areas from the Périer gap.

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Cross the Danchère and continue to the crossing near to the Lauvitel stream. Go up the paved road to the left on the right bank of the stream. Cross the Selles stream near to the water catchment and climb up the bends among deciduous trees and spruce. After crossing an unobstructed area, you will come to a flat terrain that leads to the edge of the lake (1530m). To the right cross the large blocks towards the huts. Turn left onto a footpath that climbs on a ledge above the lake. Cross the Héritière stream then further on, the Mas stream and continue the meandering climb on the left bank of the Plan Vianney. Cross it to get to the upper valley. Continue up the valley and cross the first rocky projection by climbing up a small grassy corridor (steep slope) then a second, which is not so steep. Link up to the Plan Vianney lake (2250 m) before taking the footpath on a ledge that starts to the right above the lake. Cross over the rocky ledges until you reach a fork at the foot of the last slope. Go straight ahead and climb a vague, steep corridor (crumbling stones), that leads to the summit. Follow it to the right up to the highest point (2576 m) The return trip is made using the same itinerary in the opposite direction.

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Plan Vianney lake and the Périer gap

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Departure : La Danchère.
From Bourg d'Oisans, take the F1091 as far as the hamlet of Le Clapier and take the D520 then the D214c to the right.
advised_parking : Car park at the hamlet of Danchère .
Bus stop at Ougiers on the La Bérade - Bourg d'Oisans route. (