Les Balcons de l’Oisans – n°1 – Green

This 5km will allow you to discover quietly Villard Reculas, its spruce forest and alpine meadows. Ideal for sports warm-up, for a recovery session or

About : Les Balcons de l’Oisans – n°1 – Green

Route No. 1 of the Trail Station Oisans - Home Base Villard Reculas

Start / Finish: Villard Reculas
Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on level
Distance: 5 km
Maximum altitude: 1624 m
Mini altitude 1466 m
Elevation gain: 200 m

Take a right out of the Tourist Office of the road up to the elevator, go straight between the large tree and mountains to enter the forest. 4 turns down the forest trail allow you to reach the pastures of Villard-Reculas with a splendid view of the peaks of Oisans. You then descend gently to Lachal and after crossing the road the Pas de la Confession, returning to the village by passing near the Chèvre..rie while enjoying the view down the valley of the Romanche.

THE "EXTRAS" The Canal des Sarrazins
Channel long water supply of 13 km, is designed under Louis XI in the fifteenth century to bring water from the Lac Blanc and create a water point in the pastures of Villard-Reculas (Lake Langaret ) irrigating in passing pastures and plantations. This is a structure regularly maintained by the municipalities crossed. A highly recommended stop for a refreshing break but also for the view.

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En bref

50 min

J+ : 220 m

5 km

Level green –very easy

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Les Balcons de l’Oisans – n°1 – Green

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From 23/05 to 31/10.


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