Ecole d’escalade de Livet

Climbing crags of Livet

Climbing crags of Livet ©Oisans Tourisme

The ideal place to enjoy a great climbing session with the family. It’s easy to get to, very well equipped, and there’s even a handrail at the top of the first rock to install a top rope for a worry-free climb. But be careful: this crag is not only for beginners; the right-hand part features 12 routes from 4 to 7a…

About : Ecole d’escalade de Livet

Level : all level
Starting altitude : 660 m
Number of routes : 53
Number of sectors : 1
Track height : 6 to 35 m
Difficulty : 4 > 8a+
Nature of the rock : gneiss
Climbing style: slabs with crimps.
Exposure : North
Favorable period : April to October
Cold or even icy atmosphere in the off-season, long rock to dry after the rain.
Approach time : closed to the road, town centre

Cartography : IGN top 25, 3335 ET Alpe d'Huez
Topo Escalade en Isère, Ze topo tome 2, FFME
Equipment : spit
There is even a handtrail at the top of the first rock to install a top rope for worry-free climb.
Right sector has 24 climbing route from 4 to 7a.
Route 3 : for children and beginners
Route 11 :with a resin grip at the top, interesting route.
Route 23 : for adults and intermediates.


From 01/04 to 31/10.


Free of charge

Location supplement

On the RD 1091 from Grenoble, go past the entrance to Livet (on the left), and 800 m further on turn right, just before crossing the bridge over the Romanche. Go around the old EDF factory and continue to the car park at the bottom of the climb.