Atelier Boucle Courte

Improve your stamina, maximum oxygen intake and prepare physically and psychologically for your race pace. You can also work on your stride and get your breathing, heart and muscles ready for competition.

About : Atelier Boucle Courte

Oisans Trail Station Atelier no. 21 - Villard Reculas Trail centre

Departure/Arrival: Villard Reculas
Distance: 0.642 km
Min. altitude: 1500 m
Max. altitude: 1537 m
Height gain: 37 m

To reach the Stade de Trail, you can take the Long Loop as a warmup from the tourist office. If not, drive up to the Lac du Langaret.

THE BONUS: Lac du Langaret
Located around the Lac du Langaret, the ateliers of the Stade de Trail are perfect for working on your technique.

En bref

J+ : 37 m

0.642 km

Level bue - Medium

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Atelier Boucle Courte

Getting There


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From 22/04 to 31/10.


Free of charge

Free of charge.