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Gathering of all kinds occupied the days: collecting flowers, commonly known as thistle, to feed one or two pigs who also went up to the mountain pastures.

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Hay. This mountain gold used to feed the animals all winter will be brought down on sledges by the paths, a very delicate and yet necessary undertaking. Moreover, there is a meaning of Vaujany, in the yellow valley. A life punctuated by all kinds of chores, which nevertheless rhyme with space, freedom and mutual aid.
Near the mountain chalets was a vaulted cellar, keeping the fresh (the fridge of yesteryear), which was called the stou, a means of preserving cheese, tommes and butter. The restaurant located towards the childhood pole in the lower part of the village took this name.
The milking of the cows made it possible to make butter and especially to sell it. Indeed, in Vaujany, the pastures are among the most extensive and productive of the canton in butter and cheese. Vaujany is one of the communes that exports the most (Abbé Bayle).
On rainy days, sometimes announcing the arrival of the men from down below, the fathers would go up to bring provisions to the family: good unstale bread would be the object of a good lunch or a good snack of butter sandwiches.

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