Le Four banal de Villar d’Arène


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Villar d´Arène has preserved an ancestral tradition of "Po Bulli" (in patois) by completely renovating its oven and perpetuating the traditions each year.

About : Le Four banal de Villar d’Arène

"The tradition of boiled bread continues and it is always a very strong moment in the life of faranchins. For a very long time, the manufacture of this bread was vital for the survival of the village (the oldest writings that we have found in 1450). At the time, wood was so scarce that the inhabitants had to heat the oven partly with manure. The "po bulli" crossed the centuries until the beginning of the 1970s then, because it was no longer vital, the oven, rather dilapidated and which became difficult to heat, was no longer used for ten years.
Commented tours are organized by the association of the Four to transmit a testimony of this former life. "

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