Hamlet of Le Verney



Le Verney directly overlooks the lake of the same name which offers a splendid view. The land at the confluence of the Eau d'Olle and Flumet rivers was forested with vernes (a variety of alder). The hamlet takes its name from this tree.

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The hydrelec factory opens its museum to you. The history of hydroelectricity is presented to you. It is located at the end of the hamlet of Verney, on the lake road.
In the hamlet of Verney you will pass by the old school. There was also a bistro which housed the only communication system of the time: the public telephone. In other words, there was no such thing as confidentiality. You had to ring the switchboard at the post office. If the operator was fired, she would call you back and you could ask for the number you wanted. Half an hour later you had the call!
At night, if you needed a doctor, you had to wake up the landlord first, and the next day the whole village knew you had scarlet fever. The telephone became widespread in the 1970s.

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