Mizoën village illuminations

Come and stroll through the illuminations projected onto the walls of Mizoën village. This is a beautiful and poetic show, designed by students from the Grenoble School of Architecture.

About : Mizoën village illuminations

As well as expressing the convergence between the designers and the mountain village, this illuminated vision of Mizoën also comprises a series of encounters that firmly anchor the performance and give it local roots. Young architects coming face to face with a strong natural environment, the unexpected coupling of a dream and a rugged territory, the support of a warm and trusting welcome, a village taking a closer look at itself.... the list of everything this project achieves is long and meaningful.
The project was proposed by the Grenoble School of Architecture (ENSAG), Design and Innovation section, and the Isère CAUE (Council of Architecture, Urbanism and the Environment) and accepted by the municipality of Mizoën. It is part of "Paysage>Paysages", a cultural event organised by the Isère department, with the support of TE38 (Territoire d'Energie Isère), EDF (Electricité de France), and the companies BIALEC WE-EF Lumière.

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From 28/11/2020 to 31/12/2021, daily.


Free of charge

Free of charge.