Second Souffle – summer canine fun



Dog-sledding without the snow! Mickaël, Jessica and Estelle welcome you to share their passion for sled dogs ... in a summer version!

About : Second Souffle – summer canine fun

"Cani-rando" is a hike during which you are harnessed to a dog. It is perfect for getting the kids (from 8 years old) interested in hiking, and allows adults to venture out in new directions.

"Cani-trotinette" is sporty and great fun! The dog simply pulls you along on an scooter. Come and see how you can have fun and enjoy sport just with a scooter and a dog!

There is also a mountain bike version available!

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  • Various sports
  • Pedestrian sports
  • Dog-powered scooter/trike
  • Canicross


From 01/06 to 30/09, daily.

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