Freestyle ski and snowboard internship – Independant instructor Da Camp Freestyle

State-certified pro riders and instructors, specialised in coaching. Offers beginners and advanced freestyle lessons in the 2 Alpes snowpark.

About : Freestyle ski and snowboard internship – Independant instructor Da Camp Freestyle

The Da Camp Freestyle welcome you this winter during the school holidays in Les 2 Alpes to initiate or improve your freestyle skills: Half pipe, kicker and big air, rail, box, slope style and boarder cross!
The Da Camp offers personalised video monitoring, a very good group atmosphere, parties and goodies (Rip Curl, apo, snowsurf & mag skier ...)

During all school holidays.
6 days + ski pass + coaching: snowpark, backcountry, our video support which expands with Full HD cameras, AIRBAG sessions !!!

This summer we also offer week-long Freestyle courses in ski or snowboard but also rafting, beach volleyball, golf or even paintball, without forgetting to "chill out" from time to time at the pool!
Several workshops such as "downhill bike" are organized.
Our instructors are specialized in coaching (in ski, snow, mountain bike, co sports) and daily video monitoring which will allow you to visualize what goes or doesn't go in your style in order to better take advantage of the workshop!
Trampo and big air bag sessions reinforce your ability to find your way in space and to work the most demanding tricks (cork, bio, rodeo, flat spin ...).
At the end of the week, express your progress during the mini contest DA camp and maybe win some goodies rip curl !

So join us on skis or snowboards!
Supervision for minors guaranteed and full coaching offer for all!

Minimum age: 9 years

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English - Spanish - French - Italian - Dutch

From 9 years old



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