Via ferratas provide a first approach to climbing.

They involve climbing a secured route on a rock face using fitted equipment (wires, ladders and foot bridges), wearing a harness but without having to use mountain climbing techniques. Although open to everyone for 8 years onwards, via ferrata is a mountain sport with a number of rules to be followed to ensure you enjoy your mountain experience.

There are 7 very different via ferrata in Oisans waiting to be discovered.

  • Mizoën via ferrata « Le voile de la mariée » : Athletic, long and airy, this can be your first real step into the vertical world!
  • Vaujany via ferrata. A lovely, very well equipped via ferrata, designed for beginners, but also enjoyed by many advanced climbers.
  • Les Perrons via ferrata. A perfect cliff for a day out on the rock face. Lovely airy sections opposite the Muzelle glacier.
  • Arsine via ferrata. A relatively easy route, although there are some airy, athletic sections.
  • Saint-Christophe en Oisans via ferrata. Overhanging the surging turquoise waters of the Vénéon, this is a varied and well-designed via featuring a monkey bridge.
  • Les mines du Grand Clot via ferrata. A historic via ferrata on the site of the old Silver mines, closed in 1926.
  • Alpe d’Huez via ferrata at the “Pierre Ronde” site 2 routes, namely the “Découverte” and the “Sportive”, both south facing!

Specialised equipment

Helmet, harness, a pair of strong shoes, a double shock absorbing lanyard, 30m of rope, two quickdraws, and a belay device.
Equipment can be rented from a number of local sports shops.


PD / Peu Difficile = for children and beginners
D / Difficile = for beginners accompanied by a more experienced climber
D+ / Difficulté supérieure = for the experienced
TD / Très Difficile = physically demanding routes for the highly experienced.