Between June and September, Oisans hosts a number of internationally renowned MTB events. To follow are details of the most iconic.


Those taking part in the Megavalanche in Alpe d’Huez enter the legend of mountain biking with a fanfare! A benchmark in MTB competition, the “Mega”, with its 2600 m of height loss over 20 km and more than 2 000 participants, is THE biggest marathon downhill race in the world.

It is an iconic and unmissable event. Since 1995, thousands set off from the Pic Blanc each year and in all weather conditions. Starting on the glacier at an altitude of 3330 m and finishing 2600 m lower in Allemont, this DH (downhill) marathon race is the longest and craziest in the world.

Parallel to this renowned event, the MEGA KID is specially designed for children and the E-Bike MTB Serie for e-bikes.

Mountain of Hell

This is a true MTB derby starting from the 2 Alpes glacier with 2500 m of height loss, featuring nearly 25 km on snow, ice, scree, rocks, switchbacks and in woods… The routes are changed each year to enhance the quality and pump up the adrenaline, but above all to add excitement to the race!

The final is the cherry on the cake of the show, starting from the top of the glacier at 3400 m. 700 riders get on their bikes and tear down the snowy mountainside, with a departure reminiscent of the 24 hour Le Mans race! It’s not at all easy as the Mountain of Hell requires seriously good handlebar control and nerves of steel…

Ultra Raid de La Meije

Take care as you are entering a parallel universe… A world where mountain-biking can be enjoyed in its full beauty and express the true origins of its name.

You step out – and place your wheels – on to tracks that are as magnificent as they are demanding.

Although the Ultra Raid de La Meije is doubtlessly the most beautiful MTB raid in Europe, it is also one of the most difficult. Her Majesty La Meije, locally as the Queen of Oisans, is a demanding lady! Featuring high-altitude lakes reflecting the glaciers, the golden pastures of the Emparis plateau, the magic of the Galibier at daybreak, amazingly fun descents on tortuous single tracks and breathtaking climbs, the URLM is an unforgettable adventure.


Of course, there is a whole series of more accessible events and entertainment throughout the summer in Oisans, aimed at the general public trying out the sport for the first time or, quite simply, looking to go for a mountain-bike ride!

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