Oisans is overflowing with activities to fill your holidays.

A hike for a sporting day.
Or rafting for a fun outing.
Visit a village for a contemplative morning.
Or explore a museum for an informative afternoon.
And, above all, enjoy a picnic on the waterside for a lazy day…
And finally, a night-time market for a festive evening!

How about some sport to unwind?

Take a look at the activities that Oisans is famous for, including hiking, via ferrata, mountain biking and skiing (winter and summer!)… But also activities you may not have thought of, such as paragliding, white water sports and donkey riding.

As for culture, Oisans is up there with the best!

11 museums, exhibitions, guided tours, arts and crafts, concerts and nature outings… Make the most of them to explore, learn more and enjoy yourselves!

Oisans is paradise for motorcyclists!

As bikers who love mountain touring will tell you. Why? Quite simply because there are plenty of winding mountain roads and outstanding views. A bike ride along the twisting Oisans roads is a real treat!

Essential: treat yourself to a health and well-being session!

While you’re on holiday, you should relax to the very tips of your toes… Pamper yourself in Oisans under the expert hands of Oisans masseuses. Sweat it out in our Alpine hammams and discover the benefits of the chamois position in yoga classes.